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Examples of what we (and others) have made with Radiodan so far

The idea of Radiodan is that anyone should be able to make an interesting radio. To make sure this is possible, we’ve been making our own, and one or two others have been making them too.

BuckleyWilliams' Bulletin

The beautiful Bulletin was made as “a small, almost pocket-sized radio device that’s connected to the internet. It aims to keep you informed about things you might be interested in. It will tell you the weather, the time, cricket scores, latest tweets from your friends, latest blog posts from, these kinds of things.”

Project Bedtime

An extremely quick prototype made as part of our “Tellybox” work in BBC R&D. It’s a stand-alone binaural ambient BBC player with a remote control on a pi Zero with a Phat DAC, using Andrew Nicolaou’s Radiodan Neue.

project bedtime

A Radio 3 "Red Button" prototype

A prototype made for Connected Studio, which allows you to switch between different strands of audio for a particular programme.

Magic Button Radio

The Magic Button radio is a fully-functional radio with a customisable button, and both a physical and a web interface. It’s our most complete prototype and comes working out of the box when you install Radiodan. It’s written by Andrew Nicolaou and Dan Nuttall and designed by Andrew Wood, with wifi interactions by Joanne Moore and sounds by Pete Warren.

Podcast in a box

Podcast in a box uses RFID cards to change the podcast being played. It’s an experiment by Libby Miller to get to know the Radiodan code. Full step-by-step instructions are here.

GCal Radio

This radio is by Dan Nuttall. It enables you to connect your radio with a Google calendar, and then you can set the radio to play what you want, when you want it to play.

Book at Bedtime Radio

Joanne Moore’s Book at Bedtime radio has a physical form like a book. It’s currently a “maquette” - a physical model showing how it would work.

Playlist-follow radio

Andrew Nicolaou’s Playlist-follow radio allows you to follow BBC Playlister presenter and TV show playlists using a physical interface. You can play back entire tracks via Spotify.

Exclusively Archers

Libby Miller’s Exclusively Archers radio only plays the Archers, switching itself on for the Archers and off again afterwards. It’s very quick to make, and uses a crontab. Instructions are here.

Chris Lynas has made his own version, pictured below:

Archers Avoider

This was the first instance of Radiodan and was the idea that led to the project. This is a Mark 4.